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Service and Usage Agreement

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Ltd. "M Studio" - hereinafter "Finders.ge"
Ltd. Servers owned by "M Studio" - hereinafter referred to as "Servers"
Customers who enjoy Ltd. With any service of "M Studio" - hereinafter referred to as "Subscriber"
Please read these Terms of Service carefully and make sure that you understand and agree with each item.
When you use or order any service from Finders.ge, you automatically agree to these Terms of Service, which are published on the Finders.ge website.
Finders.ge reserves the right to make a decision to terminate the service immediately in the event of any event that may be considered a violation of the "Terms of Service".
Finders.ge reserves the right to temporarily shut down the server and / or servers for the improvement and development of the network and servers (connection of new highways, upgrading and / or modification of technical means, change of network topology, introduction of new technologies, etc.). (Twelve) hours, 1 (one) calendar month.
Finders.ge reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Service at any time. Changes to the rules are automatically declared valid upon posting on the same website.

1. Content and Responsibility.

The Subscriber has no right to use any service provided by "Finders.ge" to transfer or disseminate any data that is in conflict with the legislation of Georgia. It is forbidden to so-called Mailing "spammers". It is forbidden to so-called Hosting Varez, porn, proxy and pop sites. It is prohibited to post such files on the servers or to distribute them in any form or to promote the distribution through the services provided by us, which may cause any kind of harm to the addressee or a third party. It is forbidden to post pornographic, erotic, violent materials on servers or distribute them in any form. It is prohibited to post material on servers and / or distribute it in any form on which the subscriber does not have copyright or the relevant license.
In addition to the above, the so-called. Shared Hosting servers are not allowed to host the following types of sites / scripts:
- Chat, video, image and file hosting sites / scripts (allowed in case of using VPS service)
- Banner exchange system sites / scripts (allowed in case of using VPS service)
- Audio-video streaming sites / scripts (allowed in case of using VPS service)
- Website ranking sites / scripts (so-called "counters". Allowed in case of using VPS service)

2. Server resources

In case of excessive consumption of server resources by the subscriber, "Finders.ge" will try its best to help the subscriber to eliminate the problem, but at the same time, reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the service to the subscriber, if the problem is not solved, causing other delays.

3. Contact information

When ordering any service from Finders.ge, the subscriber is obliged to provide correct and complete information about himself / herself, in order to be able to contact Finders.ge if necessary. In addition, in case of any change in this information, the subscriber is obliged to inform "Finders.ge".
Finders.ge reserves the right to refuse to provide the service to the subscriber if the contact information provided by the subscriber is incorrect or incomplete.

4. Technical support

Technical support service is available for any Finders.ge user. You can contact the staff of our technical department by e-mail at support@serv.ge
There are certain rules that you must follow when requesting technical assistance:
- The letter must be sent from the e-mail address you provided when ordering hosting. Otherwise, the employees of the technical department are forbidden to make any changes in the user account / files / configuration;
- In the letter, be sure to indicate the domain in connection with which you have any problems or any questions;
- Try to describe your problem in as much detail as possible, this will make it easier for us to diagnose the problem and shorten the time needed to eliminate it;
- Please save the history. The letter must include all the correspondence related to the specific problem for which you are asking for help;
- The staff of the technical department will do their best to solve your problems as soon as they receive the letter. The received letter does not remain unanswered. Please, after sending the letter, wait for a reply, it is not necessary to send several letters with the same content.

5. Payment

The subscriber is obliged to pay according to the tariff plan he has chosen. In case a monthly payment tariff plan is chosen, the subscriber is obliged to pay the service fee in advance for each following month. If an annual payment tariff plan is chosen, the subscriber is obliged to pay the service fee in advance for each subsequent year.
5 days before each subsequent payment, the system will automatically send you an invoice and remind you that you have the amount payable.
In case of late payment of the fee, the site will be shut down. Please note - after the expiration of the payment period, the "Executor" stores the existing files of the "Customer" on his / her server (email, website database, etc.) for 20 calendar days. After the expiration of this period, the "executor" is entitled to delete all the data of the "customer" from the server without care. Recovering deleted data from Finders.ge backup archive - costs 30 GEL.
Details about payment while using Finders.ge services can be found here

*** When the subscriber chooses the monthly service payment tariff plan, the cost paid in advance of the current month will not be refunded when the service is canceled!

6. Backup copies

Finders.ge stores backup copies of files uploaded (uploaded) on servers by subscribers to insure themselves against unforeseen events. However, as there is no 100% guarantee that the files will not be damaged or / or deleted, the subscriber is required to periodically back up the information uploaded to the servers to his / her personal computer and / or CD / DVD and not leave copies only on the servers. Finders.ge is not responsible for the loss of files stored on servers by the subscriber. Finders.ge recommends that subscribers keep backups at least once a week.

Closed and deleted accounts (all files currently available and backed up on the server) from the backup archive can be found by Finders.ge if such a copy exists. Restoration service is paid and its cost is 30 GEL one time.

7. Allowed use of server resources on Shared servers.

Maximum load on the processor - 20%
Maximum capacity of the data database - 1 GB
Maximum number of letters sent per day - 500
Maximum size of the letter - 20 MB
Number of recipients in one letter - 10
Simultaneous connections from 1 IP address - 100

PHP configuration details:
Memory Limit: 128 Mb
Upload Max File Size: 20Mb
Max File Upload: 20
Post Max Size: 32 Mb

In case the standard settings do not meet your requirements, you can use virtual or physical servers, where the settings can be configured according to individual requirements.
Please be sure to read the terms of the contract as well as the answers to frequently asked questions

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